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What Your Accountant Doesn’t Want You To Know

The Secret Method To Keeping Your Money In Your Pocket Using A Carefully Formulated Company Structure

You have a business number and you’re officially an established business. Great! 

But there are tons of ways to structure your company, some of which give you tax breaks, some of which don’t. Some of which protect your assets, some of which don’t. 

It may seem small but your company structure can be the difference between being sued and losing everything you have worked so hard for, not just your business but your home, your children’s education funds. Everything. 

My role here is to structure your company to make sure not only that your personal assets are protected but to also structure it in a way that you get the most tax breaks as legally possible.

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What Some Of My Clients Have To Say

Aaron Bieber
Aaron Bieber
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Fantastic service, also wheel chair accessible which is a bonus. Peter seems to understand accounting and bookkeeping which is important if you're going to hire someone to do your taxes.

So you’ve come this far, you’ve seen what I do to protect you and your family, what sets me apart from your typical accountant in Ancaster and Hamilton, and why you must have someone like me on your team making sure your company structrue is tight and your business is serving you for years to come. 

Or you can go to bed tonight exhausted but awake, your brain won’t shut off, you can’t stop worrying about your books, your business and if your family is safe and accounted for. 

The only thing left to do is act, making sure you and your business is protected taking that constant stress off of your chest.

Click the button below and watch the stress melt away as you can go to bed knowing that everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

During Covid-19 Our Meetings Are Moving Online

During the Covid-19 outbreak I am still able to serve you and help with all your business accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Rather than in person meetings, all meetings will be conducted over zoom or phone call where I can still serve you. 

To book a meeting simply contact me via phone, email or contact form.