With Over 15 Years Experience In Canada Revenue Agency
I Know How To Save Your Business The Most Money
Without Committing Tax Fraud.

You work hard for your money, I get it, I run my own business too. I always hated the idea of busting my tail and then having to fork over so much money to the government.

Well after I did my 15 years in the CRA I learned every single way to make sure that I give as little of my hard earned money to the government as possible.I know what they look for, I know what they look over, I know how to get the CRA on your side. With us you get every possible penny of YOUR money back from the Government without being arrested for tax fraud.
Tax Planning
How to Find the Right Accountant for your Business

People really overlook the importance of daily accounting, filing receipts correctly, the RIGHT way to do payroll that your standard bookkeeper just won’t be able to do. With us you get FULL-SERVICE accounting starting off right from day one to set you up for the future so you will ALWAYS be saving money

Tax Planning

Imagine this, you have a calendar full of hot leads, money sitting on the table, but you need to take time off from doing what you do best, stop making money, and lose red hot leads because it is tax season.

That is an awful thought right? Well with us we guarantee that will NEVER happen. You focus on what you do best, making money, and I focus on making sure that all the money you make stays in your hands, not the government.

How to Find the Right Accountant for your Business

Peter’s Accounting focuses completely on full-service accounting and tax preparation for small businesses that don’t have the time to take away from clients to focus on the books.

We are entrepreneurs as well, we understand what it is like to not be able to have a 30 minute phone call, we work with your busy schedule to give you not only the best service and results, but we give it to you in a way that fits your schedule.
No one else can give you that.

Our Guarantee To You

You may be thinking “Well my accountant is pretty good, I don’t think I could save anymore money” But here is the KEY difference between other accountants and myself…Chances are your accountant didn’t work for the CRA for 15 years. I know EXACTLY what they let slide, the loopholes they recognize and accept, and what they will ALWAYS catch. Your accountant might be good, for sure. But with me you’re getting the CRA working for YOU. No one else can bring you that. I personally guarantee you that you will save more money with me because I save you EVERY possible penny, one cent more and red flags would be raised for tax fraud. So come see the difference and pay less money to the government, what else do I have to say?

Services To Save You The Most Money

Need expert accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services in Ancaster?

Tax Acounting

We chose Ancaster as our home as it offers the charm of a small town, while still offering the convenience of quick access to the 403 and Linc.

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Business owners often just delegate the task to one of their employees thinking that they could save more or cut on costs.

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Company Structure

Peter’s Accounting and Bookeeping Services is well versed in the different types of Company Structures you may be considering.

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About – Peter’s Accounting
and Bookkeeping

Peter’s accounting and bookkeeping is dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs across Ancaster, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

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